Thursday, May 23, 2013


Thanks for coming back, readers. Today's post isn't my proudest. I am, in fact, human and sometimes I make mistakes. (Insert GASP here) One of my students today called me out because, in all of the chaos of my daily job, I accidentally sent her a forwarded email of a somewhat negative comment I had made to a colleague about her. The student asked to be assigned to another advisor which I was happy to do. I apologized and referred her to my wonderful neighbor advisor. Normally, something like this would really get under my skin and potentially hurt my feelings and embarrass me. However, I know a couple truisms about myself and about humans in general. Chances are, everyone in our field has expressed their annoyance or frustration with a student to a co-worker at some point in time. Some of you maybe even have sent a similar embarrassing email or been "caught" in a situation like me. In regards to my comment, I said nothing about her character or academic performance, just didn't choose my words very carefully. For this reason, I do not feel bad about what I said and I would never insult a student in that way! Above all, I knew that I had already jumped through more hoops for this student that I would for most others as she had a very complicated order of transferring from out-of-state, having courses in progress, while I'm also dealing with changing entrance "rules" here and trying to get her enrolled in online classes. My main value in this job, as in every other job I do, is making sure I do the right thing, abide by the rules, and creatively solve problems when necessary. I consider myself a decent, dedicated advisor while also realizing that I won't like every student and every student won't like me. In the face of that, I will continue to give my best effort to each and every student's academic success regardless of personal feelings about that student. 
As a young professional, did you make any such mistakes? How did you handle the situation?

Thanks for reading,
Jenna the Human


  1. Complicated order! - HA! :)

    Thank you for bravely sharing your imperfections. You make it easier for the rest of us to embrace our own imperfections.